The Thread Frays released – Book 2 in the series

I’m pleased to say the the second book in my PATH TO CHAOS series has been released much faster than expected. I got a great review from the professional reviewer from Lynk manuscript and only had a few bits and pieces to adjust, which I’ve done so we are ready to go!

THE THREAD FRAYS takes over from where TWIN left off, with Jack and Tul – the twins- still searching for each other, pursued by the draugr creatures, bad monks, and dragging their friends and family into all sorts of danger and adventure.

The big questions are:

Will Tul and Catewyn finally admit that they love each other and get together?

Will the evil monks find the twins?

What has happened to the good monks? Have the twisted Veenra taken over control?

What is happening with the Sudifa merchants, the hulking Grimeryn and the delicate but deadly Chosen? Will the charms of Alun, the Sudifa leader, draw Catewyn away from Tul?

What has become of Jack, his sisters Eve and Shanna, and their friends Ben and Arishel.

And what really are those swords that Ben found in the king’s tomb in Nord Albroe?

Well, there’s only one way to find out – read the book (or get someone else to tell you, but really; it’s just not as much fun!).

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00051]



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