Book 2 – Dr Chris Walker Murder Mystery. Out now

Death in a Chapel

Another dead body is found at Western Meadows hospital – a priest in the chapel with a knife in his back. Dr Chris Walker and his childhood friend, Detective Barry Darling, become embroiled in another set of murders.

Meanwhile, Darling is still suspicious about the death of Walker’s wife, Felicity, and goes to Papua New Guinea to find the truth.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tricia Hughes says:

    Loved murder on the ward,about to order Death in a Chapel. When will Murder at the Rocks be available.


    1. Hi Tricia, Glad you liked it. Great to hear from you. Murder at the Rocks is finished. I just need to send it off to the editors which takes about 2 months


  2. Lisa Green says:

    What a page turner! Fantastic twist’s and turn’s. I couldn’t put it down, keeps you in suspense from the first till the last page.
    Leaves you wanting more.
    I’ve ordered Death in a chapel and am really excited to see what unfolds !


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