MURDER ON THE WARD – Book 1 of a new series

I just finished the first draft of my new Doctor Thomas Pott Murder Mystery series – MURDER ON THE WARD.

Set in 1991 in a teaching hospital in Sydney, an unpopular professor of medicine, Benjamin Chee, is found dead in a hospital bed after being admitted for a minor procedure.

Strangely, his daughter Angela, who is a junior doctor in the hospital does not seem particularly upset. In fact, she looks downright glad about it!

Doctor Thomas Pott discovers something suspicious about the death and calls in the police. But who should turn up but Detective Barry Darling, a childhood friend of Pott and now a firm enemy after they fell out five years ago over a woman – Pott’s wife, who had died under suspicious circumstances.

Was Chee murdered? Why does Darling hate Pott so much? And what went on between Angela and her father before his death?

Book cover 1 copy 3

(Not the actual cover)

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  1. Sandra T says:

    You are a legend. I am going to get Leon to download for me as I don’t have a kindle/iPad. There is a Ben Chee Rad Onc!


    1. Thanks Sandra, you can always order a paper version on-line. Go to to find the best deal


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