For budding authors. Amazon sales ranking

Here is the graph of the sales rank for TWIN which was released 3rd Dec. The red line is the free giveaway weekend (rated ~#3,000). I was sitting ~#40,000 to #50,000 for paid downloads and then the crash over Christmas. I wonder if other new authors are experiencing the same thing?

The Thread Frays sent for assessment

Yesterday I finally managed to send the second book of The Path to Chaos series, THE THREAD FRAYS, to Lynk manuscript for professional assessment. It costs a little bit of money but well worth it. Downloads for the first book TWIN has been ticking along since it was released 3rd December, although there has been the expected…

Book 2 – are we there yet?

Book 2 of the Path to Chaos series, the THREAD FRAYS, is pretty well finished. I’ve had it checked by a few of my loyal followers (Mitzie and Medhia) and after a small re-write, I will shortly be sending it off for professional review by Lynk Manuscripts.  Mitzie as usual, has picked up a million (well…

Book promotion success!

A very big thank you to the hundreds of people who downloaded my book, TWIN, from all over the world last weekend during the free-book promotion. Most downloads were from the USA.  There were a fair few from Australia and even some from Denmark, Italy, France and Singapore. I really hope you enjoy it! If you…

Book promotion this weekend

This weekend only, TWIN will cost you nothing! at Yep, it’s free for Saturday and Sunday only Not sure whether it is also free on eBook only, not paperback Please remember to do a review on Amazon when you’ve finished reading the book!

Trailer for TWIN

Have a look here at my trailer for TWIN, my recently released fantasy novel.  You can buy the book on Amazon.

Map of Ganya

Trying to read a map on a Kindle is hard going.  Trying to work out exactly where Tul Orphus and Jack Thorncrow are situated can be difficult so why not use this handy map available on my website so you can follow the action.  Better still, save it to your desktop and use it as a screensaver!

‘Twin’ released on Amazon

Yahoo! TWIN, my first novel in the PATH TO CHAOS trilogy, has been released on Amazon today. Initially, it will be only available for download to kindle, iPad etc, but will soon be available to order as a paperback. It has taken ten enjoyable years to write the three books and I’m really happy with the first one, TWIN!…