‘Twin’ released on Amazon


TWIN, my first novel in the PATH TO CHAOS trilogy, has been released on Amazon today. Initially, it will be only available for download to kindle, iPad etc, but will soon be available to order as a paperback.

It has taken ten enjoyable years to write the three books and I’m really happy with the first one, TWIN! I’m pretty busy in my oncology practice, so have to write on weekends and was keen to write all three books before publishing the first. Book 2 (THE THREAD FRAYS) needs a bit of a re-write and book 3 (CHAOS) is in final draft form.eBook.jpg

It’s a steep learning curve to write fiction. I’ve written many scientific articles for publication in journals (you can find most on-line) but writing fiction is VERY different. First, you have to be interesting! Second, you have to have a good story and interesting characters. And three, you have to rewrite about a million times (only a slight exaggeration) to fix up all the grammar, typo’s and make sure the story makes sense.

I used Lynk manuscripts to professionally assess TWIN and will do the same for the next two. It helps a lot to have a professional assessor give you honest (sometimes brutal) feedback.

If you like epic fantasy fiction, with a mix of magic, theology and torture, you will love TWIN. Be one of the first to read it! Find it here.  If you like it, please write a short review and give it 5 stars!

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