Murder on the Ward

Murder on the Ward is the first novel in the Dr Christopher Walker Murder Mystery Series. It will be released very soon in ebook and print formats. Watch this space.

Murder on the Ward Cover Final 25%

Dr Chris Walker finds the professor of medicine dead in a hospital bed. It looks like an accident but the professor had a lot of enemies. To make matters worse, the professor’s daughter is Walker’s underling, and she seems strangely calm when viewing her father’s lifeless body.

To Walker’s dismay, Detective Barry Darling is sent to investigate. They were best friends as kids but are now sworn enemies. Six years earlier, Walker’s wife died in New Guinea and Darling blames him for it.

Did a murder really happen? If so, who did it?

And what really happened to Walker’s wife …

Murder on the Ward is a fast-paced who-done-it that mixes murder and medicine against the backdrop of Sydney in the early ‘90s.

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