Book 2 – are we there yet?

Book 2 of the Path to Chaos series, the THREAD FRAYS, is pretty well finished. I’ve had it checked by a few of my loyal followers (Mitzie and Medhia) and after a small re-write, I will shortly be sending it off for professional review by Lynk Manuscripts.  Mitzie as usual, has picked up a million (well maybe a hundred) grammatical errors!

Almost certainly, the keen-eyed reviewer will come back with glaring errors in the plot, lack of description of characters, sections that are unnecessary, or all sorts of other obvious things that you can’t see when ‘you’re in the thick of it’.

Anyway, I’m usually pretty fast with my edits (despite my day job) and so I think Book 2 is on track for release by mid-year, maybe even sooner.

Will Catewyn and Tul finally get together?

Will Tul and Jack meet up?

Maybe they do. Maybe they don’t.

I have a really bad memory for that sort of detail.

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