Beta readers needed for Murder On The Ward

I’m looking for one or two beta readers for the first book of my new murder mystery series. MURDER ON THE WARD is set in 1991 in a Sydney hospital and is about 65,000 words – so not very long.

I’m looking for someone to give productive feedback around the storyline, continuity, character development, plot holes – that sort of thing. I don’t need proof-reading at this stage but, of course, if there is a glaring spelling error let me know – there will be lots but I’m not concentrating on that right now.

I’m not looking for people to tell me ‘how great the book is’ (unless you just can’t help yourself)!

Stuart Campbell, who will shortly be publishing his new novel Cairo Mon Amour, has already given me excellent feedback and I’ve re-written based on that.

So if you think that’s the sort of thing you can commit to, please let me know by sending me a message or emailing me on

Book cover 1 copy 3

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